Life in Contrast


I was born in a small island in Japan. I loved the sea and the islands. At the age of 3, my parents moved to Osaka and everything was so different from the life in the island. I remember how I was surprised to see the trains and the buildings for the first time. Then we moved to Nara. There is a very famous temple, Horyuji, and I spent my elementary school days there. I was fascinated with collecting beetles in the mountain, ran around the rice fields in the idyllic village forest and enjoyed catching fishes in the cold fresh stream. When I was in Junior high school, we moved to the small town in Yamaguchi prefecture, where I could enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Inland Sea. The view of the sea and the island of the town brought me back of old memories in my early life. Now I have grown up and been living in a big city, Tokyo.

Through my life, no matter where I have lived, I have had various meetings and partings. All my experiences in the changing of contrast of the scene have always been in my heart as a proof of my life. Although I don’t have a specific hometown, each of them is precious for me.
Living in the hustle and bustle of a big city like Tokyo sometimes makes me feel so small. Some memories of places are vanishing from my mind and the others remain. With the contrast of them, I always feel the moment of time and I have survived. I don’t want to forget all my memories but I think living in the moment is also important. In order to find a hope to live to the future, I need to reconsider my life more deeply. I want to keep in my mind of the warmth of my every ‘hometown’. Besides I want to live strongly with the stream of time. That is why I keep taking pictures of the changing sceneries.